Fear & Virtual Disco

28 February 2021 Laura Hannah

Fear & Virtual Disco

Here are 5 things that have inspired me over the last few weeks – I hope they have a similar effect on you.


Karen Thompson Walker is a novelist who speaks about the power of fear using the historical story of the Whaleship Essex – inspiration for Moby Dick – to show how our fears are stories we tell ourselves. Using this example, she helps us understand how our fears drive our choices, sometimes to disaster, other times towards empowering decisions that keep us going when the worst happens. At just over ten minutes it’s a brilliant way to fill a tea break.

Just click the image below to play the video.


Creative Dance London facilitate transformation through creativity, and offer dance classes that are based on improvised movement. I work closely with them to build coaching techniques into their sessions, offering visualisations that inspire and support participants as we near the end of a year in and out of lockdown. On Saturday 6th March we will be coming together as a community to enjoy a multitude of musical styles, hosted by DJ Sonny Syah. Moving even a little is so beneficial, and moving with others – even over zoom, helps build a sense of community. I’d love to see you there!


While the theatre world has experienced a glimmer of hope with the announcement of the road map, it has still been suffering intensely for almost a year. This charity was created to support the theatre industry – predominantly the West End – and has been doing incredible work. Their products are beautiful and the ‘Show Must Go On’ logo features a letter from each of the major West End shows. I spent a good five minutes trying to figure out each of them – I may have cheated on a couple. If you can support your local theatre please do, many have different ways you can donate or purchase merchandise like this, and every little really will help.


I have been doing a lot of writing this month; it’s a wonderful way to escape the present and create a world to explore and play in with characters who I tend to make braver and more adventurous than myself. In doing so, I’ve found a few tools to help me ensure my rusty grammar and punctuation aren’t too noticeable. Grammarly is a free tool that helps keep your writing grammatically correct and engaging. My favourite tool appears in emails, where it tells me the tone I’m creating with a little emoticon at the bottom. If you enjoy writing, or simply want to brush up on your punctuation, this is a helpful tool that you can easily switch on and off as and when you need it.


Finally, I will leave you with a song. This overly dramatic opening leads into a quirky tune with lyrics that make me grin. It brings to mind images of a circus tent, with clowns and acrobats that leave me with a smile on my face. I hope it does the same for you. Here’s to sunshine and spring days!

Just click the image below to play the song.


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